The George



If you want a top quality, real Somerset cider, made from specially selected apples, then Thatchers has got a draught cider for you.

Whether you’re after something fresh, vibrant and modern, or a bit more traditional in nature, there’s a variety of ciders on offer to suit everyone.


Great Wines
In 1878, Frederick Stowell first established his london wine merchants. Over 130 years later we are proud to continue his traditions with experts who search the globe to uncover delicious, fruit filled wines made for your enjoyment - bringing you a little discovery in every glass.


Local Ales

All Otter beers have their individual flavours and aromas. We are lucky enough to be able to draw our own spring water and ferment with a unique yeast. These two ingredients, in particular, define many of the individual flavour tones of Otter beers. To this we add carefully selected ingredients and tweak different parts of the brewing process to create our individual brands. This makes a range of beers to cover all the needs of the 21st century drinker a tall order! To date our cellar holds 5 regular brews that are produced all year round and a seasonal beer for the darker months where a little body warming is required.

We believe that beer should be a balance of flavour and aroma. Outstanding characteristics are quirky but they don't lend themselves to regular drinking beers.

All the Otter Beers have won public acclaim at some stage, however we think that success should really be measured by everyday drinker feedback rather than awards on the wall.

St Austell Brewery has been brewing beer and real ale in Cornwall since 1851 and runs over 170 of the most popular pubs in the South West. We brew some of the best beer and have some of the best pubs in Cornwall as well as traditional inns and hotels in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset. St Austell Brewery pubs are renowned for good beer, excellent pub food and a warm Cornish welcome. Our beers include award winning bottled and cask ales such as Tribute, Proper Job, Smugglers, Admirals Ale, Clouded Yellow, HSD, Dartmoor Best, Trelawny and Korev.